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The Best Strategies for Investors to Use as Taught by Peter Swan and Online Trading Academy

If there is one thing that Online Trading Academy does well, it is that it has created a large group of successful investors in the world. This academy continues to be popular for investors to use as they are learning as it has had over 80,000 graduates and its 24 years of existence. The investing industry is also on the rise, and some of the methods that are used in the industry can be confusing or overwhelming. Thankfully, there are people like Mike Richardson at Online Trading Academy and Professor Peter Swan who are ready to teach you the best way to get a profit from investing.

Many researchers according to Online Trading Academy’s Mike Richardson prefer to do their research on investing using the calendar-time situation. This method, however, often shows a certain level of loss when calculating the possible outcomes that can come from an investment. Professor Peter Swan, however, believes that most investors use a method that is called the holding-period-invariant one, and that more researchers should study this method to determine success as it is more real. With this method in mind, Swan finds that there is actually a high level of financial gain when investors make smart choices.

Though most investors use this second method, according to Professor Peter Swan, there are still a variety of other methods, including the calendar-time method, that investors can choose from. Online Trading Academy does not want to make their students choose this specific method just because it seems the best right now. The investment industry is ever-changing, and there are many different personalities within the industry which is why it is so important that all methods are studied. This is exactly what you will learn when you are a student at Online Trading Academy, so sign up as soon as possible.

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