Spice of Life

Alexander PayneAlexander Payne has been ahead of his peers since he produced his movie thesis, The Passion of Martin in 1990 at the UCLA campus. Afterwards he began his directory career at a Universal studio where he soon rose up to produce Citizen Ruth, which would leave a trademark for Alexander Payne’s astonishing career. Film production was always in his family, whereas his father received a Super 8 mm projector from Kraft Foods, which would be passed to Alexander when he came of age. Alexander Payne grew up in a second generation Greek with roots from Livadia, Syra, and Aigio, ultimately giving him ideas for his future films that would allow for him to win multiple awards, including an Oscar award during the 84th Oscar Awards. A majority of Alexander’s movies follow the storyline of having an unusual beginning and transforming into a humorless imperfection. With a majority of his films, he follows a deep, dark, inconsequential plot that focuses on the dreadful parts of life and its entirety as a whole. In his last production, The Descendants, the rave reviews were so renowned that the movie won the Best Screenplay Oscar, leaving a reputation of visionary of filmmaking to carry on Alexander Payne’s legacy of a well-known Hollywood filmmaker. To this day Alexander Payne is known for his films starting back in 1990 to 2011 that have resulted in him winning multiple Oscar awards, as well as establishing a well known image for himself.

Alexander Payne