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Ross Levinsohn Ventures Boldly into New Position as CEO at Maven

Ross LevinsohnThe 36-year career of Ross Levinsohn has been solidly centered in the evolving space occupied by both the media and technology industries. As a hardworking, respected professional who has devoted many years heading up major departments and entire companies at prominent firms, he was a natural fit to join Maven as Chief Executive Officer.

Ross Levinsohn is a graduate of American University, and he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Communications in 1985. After graduating, Levinsohn broke ground in his chosen career path by accumulating essential skills and hands-on experience in the field. HBO asked Levinsohn to work as its Director of Production and Marketing in 1990, and he spent six years in this position. Afterward, he stepped into the role of Vice President of Programming at CBS Sportsline. He then progressed to General Manager at internet giant Alta Vista. When he was tapped by Fox Interactive Media a few years later, he stood in the top position as the company’s president. In this capacity, Levinsohn wielded influence over brands like, IGN, and

Over the years, Ross Levinsohn has also worked at several other major companies in the industry. These have included Guggenheim Digital Media, Tribune Publishing, Yahoo!, Boston Group and Whisper Advisors. In his positions for these companies, Levinsohn had a direct impact on entities like the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, the New York Daily Times, the Film Group Expo, the Clio Awards, Dick Clark Productions, the Hollywood Reporter, AdWeek and several others.

As the new CEO at Maven, Ross Levinsohn actively serves the company’s many recognizable clients. Among more than 300 companies or brands are Maxim, and Ski Magazine. Maven plays the key role of delivering a digital, single-platform solution related to monetization and back-end support. Levinsohn’s leadership skills and experience will be put to great use as he leads Maven forward.