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Min-Liang Tans Take On How Razer Has Managed To Boost Its Profitability

Razer, a gaming industry leader, attained great success in 2020 by increasing its revenue and profitability. The company even boasts of the most robust balance sheet in the industry after posting a debt-free cash balance of more than $600 million. Razer Chief Executive Officer Min-Liang Tan admits that the firm’s success is because of the client base growth beyond the hardcore gaming fans.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance, Min-Liang Tan admitted that the pandemic had brought onboard people who weren’t traditionally considered gamers. Razer began as a go-to outlet for people in need of gaming accessories such as ergonomic mice and sleek backlit keyboards. Over the years, the company has incorporated different services like fintech services and cloud computing gaming. Such essential services have played a crucial role in improving the gamer’s experience.

A market analysis survey by Block-Builders, a reputable crypto trading news site, indicates that revenue from e-sports is expected to increase 68% by 2023. The Razer CEO always strived to better gamers’ needs, which is why they’ve always offered kits that improve gamer’s operations. While the company may have fewer products on offer, they’ve always strived to ensure that it’s of high quality.

Min-Liang notes that those who spend hours behind their computer screens will most likely settle for the best products. This is the reason why Tan believes that Razer webcams and gaming chairs are performing well. Besides the lifestyle items and gamer hardware, Razer also designed new products to address the needs arising from Work remotely. For instance, they developed a line of glasses (Anzu glasses) that featured a blue filter. Tan admits that its such products have helped the company reach an audience that they couldn’t before the pandemic. Visit this page for related information.


About Min-Liang Tan

Min-Liang is a law graduate from the University of Singapore and the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Razer. He pursued a career in law for a while before turning his focus on creating a fortune-500 gaming company.


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