Business Leader, ceo

 Michael Capiraso Achievements as the President of New York Road Runners

Michael Capiraso is a transformational, visionary leader whose multidisciplinary team-building and result-driven gist has yielded sustainable growth in consumer product brands, sports and entertainment. Being a strategic and dynamic executive, Michael was in charge of a large-scale brand building and operational efforts at the National Football League, Calvin Klein, MLB, WPP and Cole Haan before upgrading to the role of CEO and President of NY Road Runners. They are the organizers of the TCS New York City Marathon.

Michael has been able to deliver good results by technology, organic growth, and innovative marketing throughout his career, improving culture with forward-thinking initiative and providing results through diverse and very collaborative leadership teams. During Michael’s term at NYRR, the companies’ yearly revenue almost doubled to more than $100,000,000. Michael was fundamental in; establishing a multi-annual partnership with New Balance and TCS, opening a Run Center for NYRR, planning and implementing the NYRR’s virtual racing and profitable platform. He also played an essential role in repairing the office and warehouse, upgrading New York Road Runner’s facilities to the level they are in currently.

Being a CEO, President and board member, Michael created a high-performing group and pushed the commercialization of NYRR staff and its operation, leading to the diversification and expansion of proceeds streams. He ignited a universal strategy and planning division to jumpstart substantial infrastructure costly increases. Under his regime, he established mission- steered vision for NYRR, focusing on helping the running community. Michael led strategy, creative, brand development, digital and marketing efforts for Cole Haan as the company’s Chief Marketing Officer before being part of NYRR. He was behind the National Football League’s 360-degree label strategy and outstanding efforts while overlooking a detailed rebranding, pushing $330 million in sponsor stimulation proceeds for Super Bowl XL.

Michael also held management roles at Calvin Klein and Major League Baseball, working directly on advertising and product launch campaigns with Mr. Klein.

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