Business Leader, ceo

Matthew Fleeger Leading the Oil and Gas Industry through Gulf Coast Western

GCWMatthew Fleeger is the president and business head of the Dallas-based oil firm, Gulf Coast Western. Founded by his father in 1970, the firm aims to acquire oil and gas resources in Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma. His father built a business philosophy from the starting, founded on family values of integrity and honesty.

After preparations, Matthew Fleeger Dallas started working for his father in 1994. He got a B.A. degree from Dallas Southern Methodist University, a degree in finance and marketing from the Cox School of Business, and worked for other oil companies and founded three companies.

Fleeger used his business-building skills to develop the shares of GCW and its joint venture investment partners. Based on the test of family values ​​(such as trust, respect, and transparency), Matthew Fleeger further developed his father’s business philosophy. In 2009, he got the firm’s promotion to act as Executive Director.

GCW’s advanced oil and gas extraction methods help maintain the integrity of the soil and aquifers surrounding the drilling sites. One approach is to conduct seismic surveys of sandstone formations to locate natural gas or oil. The method safeguards the environment and saves the cost of wasting unsuccessful trials. Horizontal drilling is another technique currently used by GCW to avoid destructive structures such as aquifers.

The goals of GCW under Matthew Fleeger Dallas are to inform and educate investment partners about the oil and gas business. The plan enables customers to comment on the Gulf Coast and become active partners in this business. The firm acquires gas and oil resources to support sustainability.


Fleeger’s experience and leadership have allowed the company to grow to an advanced stage. The company now enhances its business scope by participating in mergers and acquisitions in other industries. Don’t forget; the company engages in various charitable activities. Cooperation with the Sadie Keller Foundation is just one of the philanthropic activities that the company participates.