Krishen Iyer Innovates Marketing With Strategic Approach

Krishen Iyer is a well-established entrepreneur based on the West Coast. He was born in California and received his PA degree at the University of San Diego State. Some of the Californian’s success has been a result of his new consulting company, MAIS Consulting. The objective is to help isolate opportunities through marketing, policies, and strategic approach. Having more than a decade of experience in the insurance industry gave Iyer a broad insight and solid foundation to establish his consulting group. Krishen founded MAIS on the heels of selling Managed Benefit Services in 2020.

The marketing CEO recently discussed on Business Insider the innovation of smart speakers when it comes to strategic advertising. In the article, Krishen Iyer elaborates by saying that when consumers shop via devices such as Google home or at Amazon echo, search engine optimization is being implemented. Smart speaker advertising will become increasingly dominant in the future as more homes are becoming smart homes and technology advances. A good illustration of this is how Amazon and Google utilize their devices to advertise their other products. All brands don’t have access to this marketing outlet, so Krishen recommends consultation to remain on the cutting edge of marketing.

Companies that are out of the loop in terms of smart speaker advertising can utilize workarounds. HBO proved this by creating applications that could be used on Amazon and Google devices. Now HBO can advertise other products and subscriptions within their applications. Other companies like Disney have done the same thing; creating games that can be played on Google’s platforms.