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John Ritenour Talks Sports Insurance

John Ritenour is the co-founder of Insurance Office of America (IOA), an insurance brokerage business that has a unique and highly successful business model. For years, he was the guiding force behind the company before turning over leadership to his son, Heath. While his son has taken responsibility for IOA, John Ritenour is still very much involved in a consultancy role.

Sports Insurance

Recently, IOA began working with various sports teams to help them meet their insurance needs. This started when the Orlando Magic reached out to John Ritenour and asked if he could help.

John Ritenour and his son were surprised that the Magic didn’t already have an insurance broker that they were pleased with, but it turned out they didn’t. After some discussion, IOA was able to come through with the protection that the sports franchise needed, and other opportunities with different clubs followed. Go Here for related Information.

John Ritenour learned that selling insurance to sports teams is tricky. There are many variables to consider, and a lot of these involve the liability issues of the facilities that professional sports teams play at. While providing insurance for sports teams is complicated, it’s also very much doable, Ritenour believes. You just have to do your homework first and have the necessary experience. Also, he says, it’s not so much about selling insurance as it is providing good advice.

About IOA

Ritenour co-founded IOA when he realized that many insurance agencies weren’t being adequately compensated for doing extra work. He saw that insurance agents who went above and beyond were just making extra money for their employers and not for themselves.

The IOA business model changed that. As a result, the company now has a nation-wide network of agents who are motivated and hardworking. It works for everyone involved.