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How to Improve Your Life with James Gutierrez: Find Solutions to Problems in Your Life

James Gutierrez is the heart and soul of practices at AFF. Helping community members, regardless of their financial backgrounds, own homes and gain access to quality, affordable rental housing has always been his mission.

Many financial institutions will make loans to any applicant. While this practice can be a viable and beneficial way to help people acquire their own homes and move out of unsafe, substandard, or overcrowded conditions, there’s a misconception that these low-income borrowers do not have a credit history.

James Gutierrez is excited to continue AFF’s work in the affordable housing space by helping make community development loans more accessible to low-income households and families in need. When he’s not working as a Director of Small Business Banking at Capital One in New York, James Gutierrez devotes his time to different organizations working in the fields of finance and human development.

James chairs the Board of Directors for 100,000 Homes, a nonprofit organization, which works with low-income people in their quest to buy a home and attain greater financial prosperity. He is proud to have participated in creating programs and funding that brought essential utilities to thousands of New York households and the prevention of foreclosures while also providing training and education for over 600 young men and women, said James Gutierrez.

Since 2009, James Gutierrez has worked as a Senior Loan Officer and business development executive at Centerstone Bank. He specialized in consumer and small business lending and served on the Board of Directors and as its Chairperson. With deep roots within the poorest communities in Illinois, James was instrumental in developing mortgage and deposit products that helped mitigate the financial barriers that often make consumers vulnerable to financial insecurity.

In addition, he taught banking at Sterling College and served as a Visiting Professor at St. Edward’s University. His lending experience has enabled him to develop products and lending options that serve the entire financial ecosystem, including mortgage, deposit, and small business lenders while targeting underbanked and cashless people.

In 2011, Gutierrez received the prestigious Templeton Foundation award for his efforts in helping to raise 17.5 million dollars for his nonprofit, the Latin American Social Welfare Foundation. This nonprofit provides services to residents of his hometown, Phoenix, Arizona.

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