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Greg Blatt Rises Through Ranks To Becoming The CEO Of The Greatest Dating Website Companies In The US

Greg Blatt spent most of his time travelling around the globe, enjoying the nature of the environment. He also performed odd jobs to acquire money to facilitate his bills. This was after successfully completing his college studies and acquiring an undergraduate degree in English, which seemed to be helpless. He never knew which career path he should follow, making his life difficult.

After several years of struggle, Blatt later opened up his mind   and decided to jot down an application later to a famous law school located in Columbia. After several weeks, he got a response that his application had been approved and he could join the institution any time. Blatt joined the law school and learned a four years course, and graduated as a certified lawyer.

Since his profession was high on dictate during that time, getting a job was not hard. He secured an employment opportunity in one of the major law firms in the New York, where he began practicing his career. Greg Blatt was not comfortable to continue serving in that position and decided to apply for another position at the entertainment law. Visit this page for related information.

He got the chance, although he did not get the time to launch his screenwriting career. Here, he got attached to Martha Stewart, who was one of his regular clients. Stewart took him to his company, where Greg Blatt served as the general counsel. He worked with Stewart for over five years and later referred to IAC by his former classmate for the same position.

He joined IAC and served as the general counsel, although the company was bigger. The president of IAC involved him in other daily activities outside his position and sharpened his leadership skills. He sent him to Texas, where he was expected to solve the ongoing conflict in the subsidiary. Greg Blatt managed to resolve the issues and promoted to become the managing director of the entire IAC with its subsidiaries.


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