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Greg Blatt, A Top-Ranking Executive Officer

Greg Blatt is recognized as an expert in the industry of technology. He is an expert in matters of legislation and law. He has worked both as a corporate and entertainment lawyer. He has several years of experience because of serving in numerous law firms in New York. He has also spearheaded the success of AIC Group, where he worked as an executive officer. While at AIC, he has worked as the firm’s chief executive officer and executive officer. His role as the firm’s CEO was to oversee operations and streamline its operations. He helped uplift the company’s finances and maximize its operations.

Greg Blatt attributes himself as a wanderer. He toiled hard after graduating from Campus, where he had gone to pursue a course in English and Literature. After his University life, he decided to venture into several hustle areas to bring food to the table. He took part in jobs like painting which were aside from his career. He also went to Telluride, where he engaged in his hobbies which are mountain climbing.

Later, he enrolled again on Campus to study law. The skills and experience earned as a lawyer were helpful enough to make him an expert executive. He developed an interest in law, hence decided it was the best time to venture into it and make his career dream come true.

He joined Martha Stewart’s law firm. While here, he served as a general counsel. The skills and experience earned while in this firm made him get promoted to working at AIC Group. He joined this group to deal with the dating website. While in AIC, he was instrumental in overseeing its operations and improving every ongoing task. Together with Diller, the firm’s CEO, they helped end the disparities of Tinder and Match Group.

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