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Fitness for Life With Beachbody

Carl DaikelerCarl Daikeler’s life’s mission is to help everyone achieve their fitness goals and maintain them for life. As an entrepreneur and businessman, his career has been centered around these goals. His career started as a producer of halftime shows, which were broadcast during live NFL games in the 1980s. In the 1990s, Daikeler made a shift to the infomercial industry. His experience there showed him that there was a vast need for personal fitness equipment and instruction.

When considering why people were buying fitness equipment to use at home, Carl Daikeler realized that for a lot of people, going to the gym isn’t a good option. Those who were overweight often felt ridiculed by showing up at the gym to exercise. Others couldn’t find the time or childcare to go to the gym. That’s why Daikeler developed Beachbody, along with a co-founder. In its initial offering, the program included about a dozen workout DVDs that consumers could buy and play at home.

Launched in 1998, Beachbody was a success. It didn’t take long for it to grow. By the 2010s, there were hundreds of workout options in the library. Daikeler’s team launched Beachbody on Demand in 2015 in order to respond to advances in technology. During the lockdowns of 2020, the program soared in popularity. OpenFit, the program’s app, allowed people to join live workouts and chat with each other.

Carl Daikeler also wanted to assist people with nutritional improvements. He noticed that out of convenience, people often turn to fast food. However, this leaves a lot of nutritional holes. People who eat fast food lack fiber, vitamins and key minerals needed for overall wellness. That’s why Daikeler and his team created Shakeology, which is the fitness program’s nutritional companion.


Shakeology is a protein powder that users combine with the plant-based or dairy milk of their choice. There’s a vegan protein option and a whey option. The flavors satisfy a sweet tooth craving. Importantly, each shake contains half of the daily recommended allowance of fiber and a minimum of 16 grams of protein. Shakeology helps people reach their ideal body weight.