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Fortress Investment Group is an exclusive private equity firm based in New York. The company was founded by Wes Edens and Randy Nardone in 1998 and has already created several successful deals in the past. This prestigious financial services firm manages a large number of assets and is one of the most prominent names in the industry. With almost $80 billion under management, Fortress is considered the largest provider of private equity. The firm also creates several private equity funds and specialty portfolios to suit various needs.

Fortress Investment Group New York also provides its clients with both initial and full-service venture capital, wealth management, and global equity finance. These financial services are provided through a network of independent investment banking and financial management firms. Fortress Investment Group believes that its investors possess extraordinary intelligence and can be extremely focused. The firm strives to build a strong, lasting, and diverse portfolio of core values and positions that embrace areas of expertise, experience, focus, and passion.

The private equity firm works closely with bankers and investment banks to obtain the best capital structure for growth. It is also committed to developing relationships with its clients to create capital from sources that yield maximum return while generating strong capital gains.

The focus of Fortress Investment Group is to generate the most effective use of capital for its shareholders. The group looks forward to investing in companies in which the management team has significant experience and/or where the management team can build substantial leadership and management teams.

Additionally, the firm looks forward to acquiring start-up companies that are in a strong financial position with promising growth opportunities. Finally, the group looks forward to growing and marketing the portfolios of its private equity funds.