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 Eterneva CEO Shares How to Stay At the Top

Adelle Archer, the co-founder of Eterneva, has recently shared how her company manages to stay at the top. The Austin-based company uses state-of-the-art technology to grow diamonds in the laboratory from the hairs and ashes of a loved one. Adelle Archer graduated from Acton School of Business with MBA. After years of working in several businesses, together with Garrett Ozar, they partnered to grow Eterneva.

In a recent interview, she shared that youths should not give up on their dreams. According to Adelle, positivity is the power one needs to make a difference in the world. She thought she could make the world a better place during her college years if she ventured into politics. Later after relocating to DC, she realized politics was not her calling. Though she still wanted to do something different, she had to find the right track to do so. View more on Youtube for more info.

As an entrepreneur, she was approached by a colleague to help build a brand from his father’s lab-growing diamonds company. Back then, Adelle had no idea that cremated ashes could be grown into diamonds. When her friend Tracy passed on after battling cancer, she got to keep her ashes. Through a dinner conversation with diamond scientists, she learned that ashes contained carbon. Adelle immediately decided to honor her friend by converting her ashes to diamonds.

Eterneva Company offers grieving individuals a choice of honoring the memories of their loved ones daily by producing diamonds from their relics. When the ashes are turned into diamonds, it is easy to hand the jewels down for many generations. It makes sense to inherit a diamond made from your loved one’s remains compared to a can of ashes.

Recent research from Baylor University revealed that mementos helped a grieving person cope with grief more easily. The diamonds are portable; thus, you can carry your loved one both physically and in your heart.

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