Betsy DeVos is Part of a Massive Movement

Movements can take many forms. Some trends are over quickly. Others take a lot of time but eventually bring results. Betsy DeVos has been working hard to come up with ways to make things happen when it comes to the world of education. Her roots in the field of educational reform go back many decades. Most of her work has been about making it possible for Americans to find the right kind of education for their children. She has been exploring this world and helping figure out how it can benefit Americans in many ways. For example, thanks to her work, many Americans now realize that it is possible for them to find the kind of education they want for their kids without being consigned to the world of their local school district. She has offered lots of solutions including vouchers that can be taken from one district to another.


Working Hard


Working hard is one thing that Betsy DeVos does a lot of in her life and her work in American education. She works hard to find ways to come up with new ways to educate American children. For example, she wants parents to feel free to part of what is known as the charter school movement. This is a movement that is all about the needs of kids and parents. These are schools that can be chartered by parents with help from educators. They’re also schools that can hire teachers to help them educate kids. That is part of the movement that Betsy DeVos believes has the power to radially transform how Americans can educate their kids. This is a movement that has been building lots of momentum over the years. In doing so, it has made a difference in the lives of parents, children and Americans everywhere.


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