Betsy DeVos and Ideas

Betsy DeVos has been working within education reform for over 30 years. She has campaigned with several donors to support educational choice programs and get help for families who want to send students to better schools. In several interviews, she has advocated for student choice programs, as it prioritizes students. She says that is her goal with every policy.


She believes students should be prioritized first in education. However, many have criticized her work with educational choice because it could lead to public funding for private schools. “That’s not how it works,” DeVos said in her 2018 interview with “60 Minutes.”


DeVos has said that philanthropy is the reason these programs currently exist. She has donated over $35 million to education programs and scholarships. These programs have helped millions of students gain a better education, especially when they would have attended failing schools.


After her tenure as U.S. Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos said that she plans to continue her work. She knows that the next U.S. Education Secretary will likely make changes, but she hopes that the administration keeps educational choice in place.


All 50 states now have student choice programs. Previously to DeVos campaigning for educational choice, there were only 17 states with any student choice programs. Florida was the state with the most educational choice programs and a tuition-based scholarship program.


Educational programs also include more than private schools and charter schools. Students can also participate in virtual programs and magnet schools. These are schools that offer specialty classes and courses within a larger high school, such as a program for business law, international studies, performing arts, and many other programs.


DeVos has said that slow bureaucracy caused a number of programs during her tenure, but she hopes that this doesn’t stop the next administration from making education better for students. She believes that her policies were able to make campuses and students after, as well as provide the most opportunities.


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