Beachbody Aims to Help Everyone Meet Their Fitness Goals

ShakeologyFor roughly two decades, Beachbody has been providing people throughout the United States with an easy, convenient and fun way to get into shape. Founded by Carl Daikeler in 1998, the company offers a variety of fitness programs that are accessible to people of all ages and fitness levels. Modified programs are available to those who need to ease their way into more challenging fitness routines.

Carl Daikeler Was Frustrated By Traditional Wellness Programs

Beachbody was created partially because Daikeler believed that more attention needed to be paid to the role of nutrition in helping people achieve their wellness goals. Daikeler acknowledged that he had a hard time modifying his eating habits as he got older, and he said that this was a stumbling block as it related to his ability to live a healthier life. Additionally, he knew that people would be willing to exercise if they could do so without having to visit a gym. This is why you can complete a Beachbody workout without the need to purchase large, bulky and expensive exercise equipment.

Shakeology Can Help You Maintain a Balanced Diet

Shakeology is designed to make it easier to get multiple servings of fruits and vegetables each day by consuming a single drink. Each shake only takes a few minutes to make, and you can take them with you to work, school or the office.

What Else Should You Know About Beachbody?


According to Carl Daikeler, the company has a customer retention rate of about 90%, which he attributes to the brand’s ability to be inclusive. The brand’s goal is to make each user feel like he or she is part of a community that will motivate you to be your best at all times. Furthermore, each instructor is encouraged to come across as a relatable figure who empowers class members to meet their goals in whatever