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Asot Michael Transforming Antigua and Barbuda

Asot Michael, a Lebanese migrant by default and an Antiguan by blood, has taken up to forge on the political legacy. Asot had an early experience in politics, for he was born in a service devoted family. Born and raised in Guadeloupe, he escaped the political riots that took place a year prior that led to his great grandfather’s death. Asot Michael’s late father, Patrick Michael, was a staunch supporter of the Antigua & Barbuda Labour Party since its founding. Patrick was involved with the political welfare and all of his brothers, in particular Maurice, who served the state in a social, philanthropic manner.


Asot was from a humble family who toiled to succeed. Asot aggressively worked hard in school, where he graduated with two majors in Economics and Finance. With these entrepreneurial skills, he inherited a family-owned business, simultaneously immersing himself in politics (Newsanyway). 


Honorable Asot Michael started as a special administrative assistant to the chief of staff of the prime minister, senator, minister of public works, and government business leader. Asot Michael saw through the implementation of projects and laid strategies to improve the economy. The honorable politician is a member of the Antigua Labour Party, a position he is using to contest for a chair in the House of Representatives. He has, however, proved his capacity to lead and instills significant contribution to both the state and its citizens. Asot Michael proudly soldiers through political pressure with humanity and steadfast love and resentment to succeed, grow and progress. 


Innovatively, Asot has taken up to him to mentor and advocate for micro and small businesses in the country. Michael’s eagerness to learn has seen him network with former and present politicians. He has dedicated his endeavors to provide exemplary service to the locals and concentrate on spearheading social change, infrastructure, safety, and security and improving quality of life. Asot Michael’s philanthropic nature has seen him gather respect, honor, and a special bond and following. He has periodically instilled a commitment to his work and a great deal of confidence in Antiguans as a second-term Parliamentary Representative with the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party ticket.