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Advantages of Working Remotely According to John Ritenour

John Ritenour is the founder of America’s leading insurance agency, Insurance Office of America (IOA). He has been at the frontline, ensuring that he achieves success. Most of the time, John Ritenour has found himself concentrating more on his business than family. He was then able to balance career and family life, which has made him successful in his career. He has been very committed to ensuring that nothing is left behind. According to him, everything is possible.

The majority of the decisions made by John have been attributed to a global pandemic where businesses have been hit hard. People are left to rethink the way forward. Recently, John Ritenour held a consultative meeting that seems to talk about the pandemic’s significant benefits and how businesses should take advantage of them. One of the biggest challenges that companies are facing is being moved from site to working remotely.

According to John Ritenour, the idea is yet to be accepted entirely but works well for those who take advantage. There are so many benefits arising from working remotely. He has managed to speak to business leaders about how they should take advantage of the entire situation.

Employers are the biggest beneficiaries. When they send their employees to work from home, most of the time spent commuting is now a time to become more innovative. Also, employees will now adjust themselves from the normal working hours to even more. They also have enough time to become productive because they have time with family and will not have to worry while in the office. See This Article.

Saving on overhead costs is another thing that John Ritenour talks about. When a company does not pay for office space, parking, and other costs, the company tends to get more profits in the end. John says that all employers should quickly adjust themselves and take advantage of the whole situation.