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A Quick Overview of How Greg Blatt Became IAC CEO

Greg Blatt is an American lawyer and executive with a great understanding of the tech industry. Mr. Greg began his career at a slower pace than many people had expected. Someone who started as a layer ended up working in the technological sector. Greg Blatt worked hard and eventually climbed the ranks to become one of the most respected CEOs in US history.

During his career, Mr. Greg served in many different positions. It makes sense arguing that this is what gave him the vast industry experience he enjoys today. After finishing his undergraduate degree in English, Greg Blatt traveled to different parts of the world. There were times he would take even very odd jobs to raise cash for his survival. Blatt worked in houses and restaurants, but that didn’t kill his dream of one day becoming a reputable leader.

So, Greg Blatt kept on fighting hard, and a few years later, the renowned American executive applied to join the Columbia Law School. His primary goal was to gain more knowledge and experience. One of the new skills he acquired while furthering his studies at the university was critical thinking.

Immediately after law school, Greg Blatt began working in one of the top-rated New York law firms. However, Mr. Blatt didn’t work there for long since he felt the position was highly demanding. He went ahead and took another job offer at a local entertainment law firm. Greg served at the firm with outstanding commitment, and it truly impressed one of their clients, Martha Stewart.

Martha then invited him to work at her company as a senior counsel. This happened when the company was just about to go public. Mr. Greg worked at Martha’s for four years before one of his former M & A friends recommended him for the IAC, VP general counsel post. Blatt then worked for some years and eventually became the CEO of the company and many of its subsidiaries.

About Greg Blatt

Greg Blatt is a New York-based industry executive focusing on technological matters. He holds a law degree from Columbia Law School and is formerly the Chairman and CEO at Match Group. Also, Blatt served as the Tinder CEO between 2016 and 2017.

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